Thursday, May 14, 2009

How I connected to unlimited internet on Boost Mobile by Tethering a Motorola i425 to My PC

I know I don't nearly blog enough here. But this story was certainly worth telling. I recently on a whim purchased a $30.00 cell phone at Walmart, one of those Boost Mobile jobbers that came with $5.00 credit on activation. Either way the one I grabbed ended up being the Motorola (seemingly a piece of crap) i425. I brought it home, activated it with the new prepaid $50.00 unlimited everything plan. The one with free domestic calling, free text and SMS and unlimited internet.

I tried the phone out for a few days and by day two it was already severely scratched from being in my pocket. None the less, I bought it for the soul intention of using it as a separate line for my business because of the unlimited features the plan offered.

I also had already used the two-way which was quite nice for the piece of garbage it was. But it was in fact serving it's purpose. In point of fact the company had even called me already to make sure everything was working out and didn't try to sell me anything else once through the call. Of course they mentioned the international calling plan that I could add onto my plan for $10.00 more a month with limited access. Who could blame them after wasting 7+ minutes on a guy like me. Beside I had already told him I hated the phone and that I was happy with the service but I wasn't the customer this guy wanted to talk to because of course I had a bunch of question he couldn't answer. Funny how it's always the other guys fault, huh?

Either way. After the call I got to thinking. I wondered with all resources available and of course unlimited internet capabilities now on this phone could I connect to the internet from the Motorola i425 through my PC.

I started researching at around 10:30 PM EST and within a few short hours after reading several threads, blogs, etc and having tried many failed attempts at connecting I came across this article: Tethering

I found it to be most beneficial. It doesn't get any easier than the simple instructions that were provided and within a few minutes I was connected. I was able to do simple things online like browse Google and read email at whopping speeds of 115kbps, which from what I hear is almost four times as fast as most of people reported that I had read about. I was thoroughly satisfied with the results and plan to try and repeat the process on my wife's laptop tomorrow. This may prove to be a challenge as she is using Vista. Wish me luck. I would love to hear some feedback or catch other opinions on this.

I just wanted to cordially thank the author for posting it by giving him a link in.

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